ODS Dispatch

ODS provides high quality dispatch load services for every budget. Furthermore, we will help you find the loads as per your preferences. Whichever lane you want, we will ensure to send you to that particular route.

During truck loading


In addition to providing an exceptional customer experience to the carriers, ODS Dispatch offers these services at a reasonable price that can fit everyone’s budget.

Dry Van

Safely transfer your goods through Dry Van’s enclosed and sealed trailer.


Easily transfer your weather resistant goods through Flatbed.

Power Only

Transfer your goods efficiently through Power Only’s versatile nature.


Transfer temperature sensitive goods through a Reefer Trailer

Why Us:


We offer flexible working days. Work whenever you want.


We have consistent inflow of loads. You can expect to get freight from us whenever you want.


We stand by our words. Whatever we commit, we will ensure to deliver.

Ready To Run

We get constant inflow of loads that will keep you rolling your wheels on road.


Our team is highly collaborative and we will ensure that you get freight whenever you want.

Record Keeping

We keep everything stored in our database so you won’t have to fill out the forms from scratch.

About Us:

Who We Are

ODS Dispatch company is working all over the United States. We provide the most reliable and convenient dispatch services at a highly reasonable price.

What We Do

We help carriers find the loads of their choice at the lanes of their preference.

How We Do

We have a strong relationship with brokers throughout the United States and we also have access to Load Boards. We will negotiate for you and will provide you with the best paying load options


Wilmington, Delaware 19803 U.S.A